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improving business profitability!

Comprehensive software solutions specifically designed for the food industry

Software Ordering Systems Ltd provides 4 individual software modules that maybe puchased separately but when operated together form one integrated enterprise-wide resource planning and management system.

SOS ERP software providing food costing, ordering systems and food labelling for food manufacturer, bakery & cafes.

  • Easily cost and price all of your products to ensure profitable margins.

  • Manage changing costs to maintain your business profitability.

  • Plan and manage future price rises.

  • Compare supplier prices versus in-house manufacture.

  • Fast recording of daily customer orders.

  • Comprehensive management of regular and  re-occurring customer orders.

  • Automatically generates production lists and delivery sheets.

  • Automatic invoice generation and export to accounting system.

  • Easy collection and management of labelling information.

  • Automatic printing of labels for all daily orders when connected with the Ordering & Production module.

  • Batch printing by Production Department or by Customer.

  • Tablet based system using GIS data and GPS  to improve the efficiency of even the most in-experienced driver.

  • Loads deliveries in delivery order.

  • Automatic loading of deliveries  when connected with the Ordering &          Production module.

'for profitability'

Purchasing Options

'for efficiency'

'for simplicity'

'for compliance'

1-2-3-4 individually self-sufficient systems.

Enabling you to build an ERP within your business ... step-by-step. 

Each module generating the data that subsequent modules require.

3   Labelling

2   Ordering & Production

1   Product Costing

4   Delivery



‘build your ERP system one module at a time’



Typically, the 'Product Costing' module would be the first module purchased.


It is especially important if you are planning a price review or increase in the near future


It will enable you to cost and price all of your products to ensure that your business 'is and remains' profitable.


It also collects your product data so that if 

you later add the ’Ordering & Production’ module your Product data will be available for

use by that module.

Maintain business profitability & sustainability by managing costs and prices over time. 

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If you are ‘Retail Only’ you will likely only benefit from the ‘Costing’ module’. Food wholesalers will likely benefit from using all modules - as an ERP. 

Get the system you need on monthly lease or purchase outright.  



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Canterbury, New Zealand

Phone 021 45 2424


Hi, my name is John Gutsell. I was born in Southland, NZ. Educated Otago University (BCom) Business Degree. I have been programming for over 20 years with my largest program being 'Ops Centre' now used by most large NZ bus companies. My work background is in General Management (including a medium sized bakery) and in business systems development for Industry and Government. As a System Engineer I have applied my knowledge of business systems to ensure that these programs prioritise 'business profitability' and 'ease of use'.

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...but first allow me to introduce myself...

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